Zoo Vet Tech


An AHT position in a zoo facility may be titled a little differently depending on job classifications or unions (eg. Lab Tech II), however this job requires a graduate of a recognized (accredited) Animal Health Technology program with experience in exotic and wildlife care. In order to work in a zoo you must also be able to work independently, with little supervision and to be very creative and adaptable as each animal within the facility requires different care.


Duties of a Zoo Vet Tech may include:

  • Preventative health care of entire animal collection: fecals, assist with vaccinations, monitor and assess animal collection when vet is away, assist with federal testing of herd animals and primate collections as required
  • Assist veterinarian in hospital and in zoo: hoof trims, vaccinations, herd health testing, Tb testing of primates, medical emergencies, neonatal care and monitoring, infant hand-raising as required, animal shipments (preshipment testing, health certificates, loading/unloading, hospital and federal quarantine
  • Hospitalized Animal Care: bandaging, wound management, radiographs, lab work, fecals, drug treatments, deworming, maintaining medical records and basic husbandry duties
  • Hospital management: inventory control, drug ordering, preparation of drugs/compounding/drug dosages in variety of animals, maintaining hospital equipment, surgical preparation and assistance, monitoring of anesthesia
  • Prepare/ collect/ process samples for submission: lab submissions may be made collected from various species of animal as required and prepared for shipment across Canada and the United States
  • Working with related Organizations: eg. Wildlife Haven (formerly MB Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization) consults regarding wildlife care, preparing animals for shipment

Related Association in this field:

Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians – a worldwide association.