Why be a member of MAHTA?


In a veterinary clinic setting you must be a Registered Animal Health Technologist (RAHT) to perform most of the tasks as specified in the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA’s ) bylaws.

As a member of MAHTA you will also:

  • Be able to have input into the future of your profession through your association
  • Be able to work in different provinces as a RAHT without difficulties as there is reciprocity for members
  • Have access to the "Members Only" information on the MAHTA website
  • Be able to connect with your peers and future coworkers
  • Be able to see what is happening in your profession
  • Have a chance to participate with your peers in various community events and special activities to promote your profession
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter that has continuing education articles as well as new information in the animal health technology field
  • Attend continuing education seminars at a reduced fee compared to Non-Members to obtain the mandatory annual C.E. credits required
  • Have a network of support through the membership for any issues such as grievances or job related concerns, etc.


What does MAHTA offer you as a Student Member?

  • Access to the "Members Only" information on the MAHTA website
  • Quarterly newsletter with many great continuing education articles that you can use for credits.
  • Reduced fees for continuing education seminars (Student rates are offered at a fraction of the cost to facilitate student involvement ! )
  • Student Members are invited to come to the monthly MAHTA meetings to network, and become involved in what your provincial association is doing and where it is heading.

How do I become a member of MAHTA?


There are various categories of membership available. If you have never been a member of MAHTA and would like to become a member, you may qualify if you:

  1. Have a certificate of graduation from a recognised Animal Health Technology program and submit proof of passing the Veterinary Tecnician National Examination
  2. Are currently enrolled in a recognised/ accredited Animal Health Technology program
  3. Are currently a member in good standing with another provincial association where reciprocity would be granted


Membership applications are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors

Membership will only be granted when all requirements as set out in the MAHTA by Laws are met.