Online CE Opportunities


Most of the online courses below meet the requirements for continuing education (CE) credit in associations which recognize AAVSB, RACE approval; however participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery of continuing education. If they are not AAVSB or RACE approved then will be up to your association if they count towards CE credit or not. MAHTA members can click here to see our operational polices regarding CE credits for more information.  
  • Doggone Safe, offers courses on Basic Dog Body Language and Be Doggone Smart At Work. To learn more about these courses click here . See a free demo of Basic Dog Body Language click here or Be Doggone Smart At Work click here.

  • Hill's Pet Nutrition, Hill’s Veterinary Nutritional Advocate(VNA) is RACE - Approved for 15 CE Credits. VNA is an online educational opportunity designed to enhance the ability to understand, communicate and recognize the benefits of promoting proper pet nutrition. The engaging, self-paced course helps team members grow personally and professionally. VNA contains three levels, each with ten modules and an application section to show participants exactly how their new knowledge can be used in everyday practice. Each level includes encouragement from a well-known leader in the veterinary industry, including Marty Becker, D.V.M., Robin Downing, D.V.M. and Fritz Wood, C.P.A., C.F.P. The benefit of participating in VNA is not limited to earning CE credits. By simply spending a few hours with Hill’s VNA, veterinary health care team members will enhance their competence in understanding and communicating proper pet nutrition, relate to pet owners more effectively, and interact more cooperatively with other health care team members. In other words, participating in VNA can make veterinary practice more enjoyable. Visit to get started today.

  •  Lifelearn Inc. , has a variety of CE that you can purchase for up to $49.99. To go to find out more about the exciting courses they have to offer. They do have some free CE that is sponsored by companies such as Idexx and CAPC. Idexx is offering through Lifelearn Complete Urinalysis:The Idexx guide &  Fecal Analysis work shop.                                                                                                                                                

  • The Idexx Learning Center, online courses are available anytime, anywhere with their On Demand CE options. Idexx also offer Live Webinar Events on a variety of topics. Their programs have been  reviewed and approved by the AAVSB RACE. Go to their website to learn more at 
  • RVTTC Portal - The RVTTC is delighted to offer a new online education portal for all RVTTC members. This portal makes available to you hundreds of online courses available in a variety of veterinary related topics.
  • Veterinary Information Network" (VIN) Interactive, online RACE-approved CE courses running year-round, open to all technicians. Visit or email for current course catalog and more information.
  • Vetoquinol Academia, 2 online courses are available free from Vetoquinol. Vetoquinol Academia is offering a course on behaviour in cats and dogs -  and a course cushing's syndrome 
  • Zoetis Canada - Zoetis offers free e-learning courses 24/7. Some are RACE approves some may not be. 
  • Online training for all veterinary professionals. Videos featuring real cases, articles and more! Some are RACE approved, some may not be.
To find more CE events online or in person see our CE & events page.