Lab Animal Technician

Company: St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Lab Animal Technician

The St Boniface General Hospital Research Centre in Winnipeg is currently looking for a full time Lab Animal Technician or Animal Health Technologist.
This position is ideal for a mature, motivated, career minded person who would like to focus on small animals used in research. Previous experience in maintenance of rodent breeding colonies, bio-safety level 2+ , supervising staff as well as being technically skilled would be an asset.
The St. Boniface Research Centre is in a growth phase thus opportunities for advancement are available. A competitive salary, commensurate with qualifications and experience, will be offered as well as a comprehensive benefits package.
Duties and Responsibilities:
- Perform all aspects of husbandry for a variety of animal species in accordance with CCAC standards
- Provide routine nursing care including daily health and welfare assessments. Possess the ability to identify disease and distress in multi-research animal species. Keep accurate electronic animal health records.
- Discuss diagnosis and treatment with Veterinarian. Administer medication and treatments as prescribed. Collect samples and perform diagnostic tests and analyses as requested. Perform euthanasia of multiple species of research animals.
- Assist in maintaining breeding colonies ensuring accurate record keeping and the use of breeding techniques as described in SOPs.
- Assist in maintaining the operation of special barrier housing rooms (Bio-exclusion and quarantine).
- Report all adverse events (abnormalities) that occur in the facility that have the potential to affect animal welfare or research results. Report deficiencies in the practices of animal users and conditions related to the care of animals.
- Provide technical assistance/service to animal users. Record all services provided to investigators for billing purposes.
- Assist with technical procedures including animal identification, breeding, collecting specimens, animal treatments and euthanasia.
- Operate a variety of equipment including animal caging, animal cage washer, pressure washer, automatic animal watering system, microscopes, anaesthesia machines, veterinary instruments and computers.
- Participate in surgery as surgical nurse and anesthetist or as the surgeon's assistant. Set up and clean surgical theatres, equipment and instruments prior to and after surgery.
- Keep abreast of new developments in the field to update skills and knowledge.
Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
- B.Sc degree or Animal Health Technology diploma
- CALAS certification as a RLAT
- Ability to perform technical procedures and anesthesia on many different species of research animals
- Knowledge of CCAC and University requirements pertaining to animal husbandry and welfare
- Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
- Ability to use a variety of computer hardware systems and software applications
- Ability to be on feet for extended periods of time and lift heavy objects (50 lbs)
- Hard working, enthusiastic with a positive attitude. The incumbent must be committed to maintaining high standards of animal health and welfare
- Ability to pay attention to detail, follow SOP's and/or study protocols and possess keen observation skills
- Ability to work in a team environment

Interested applicants please send a resume with cover letter

Date Posted:  September 15th, 2008

How to Apply

R.O. Burrell Lab

St Boniface Research Centre
351 Tache Avenue
Wpg, MB R2H 2A6