How Do I Access the Members Only Information?


Only registered members of MAHTA are able to access the "Members Only" information. 


If you are currently registered with MAHTA you can access the "Members Only" information using the following steps:

  1. Your "USERNAME" is your firstname.lastname for example if your name is Susan Fields your username would be susan.fields  (Use lower case and no spaces... if you have a hyphenated name include the hyphen and no spaces)
  2. A temporary "PASSWORD" has been made for you which can be reset once you access the site. Your temporary password can be sent to you by e-mail via the "Forgot Password" link in the Member Login window. This method will only work if MAHTA has your e-mail address on file ( submitted through your membership forms or while you were at MAHTAs 24th Annual Conference/ AGM )
  3. USERNAME and PASSWORDS must be entered in lower case.


HELP ! I still can not access the "Members Only" site !!


If you are still having difficulty send your:

  1. Full Name ( And Maiden Name if Applicable)
  2. E-mail Address
  3. Phone Number