Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Who qualifies to be a Registered member of MAHTA?


A: In order become a RAHT an individual must complete the following:

  • Graduate from a minimum 2 year recognized AHT program;
  • Pass the Veterinary Technicians National Exam (VTNE);
  • Maintain a minimum of 10 continuing education credits per year;
  • Live in the province of Manitoba;

  • Pay the annual membership fee.(Memberships run from Sept 1 to August 31st)
  • Uphold the code of ethics of the Association.


Individuals who are currently an active member of any Provincial Association and who have successfully passed the VTNE may also become a member of MAHTA.


Q: What is the Veterinary Technician National Exam?

 A: The VTNE is a national standards exam administered by the Manitoba Animal Health Technologists Association. To hold Registered Technologist status in the Province of Manitoba an exam candidate must successfully pass the VTNE.

For more informaiton regarding the VTNE Click Here!

Q: I want to hire an Animal Health Technologist - How do I post a job add?

A: When looking for a qualified RAHT or other hospital staff member, what better place to advertise it than on the MAHTA site? Placing your ad on the web means your ad will also be placed in the quarterly newsletter and on the MAHTA Hotline. To post an ad, add a photo or logo of your choice or extend an existing ad  Click Here !

Q: What is considered a late membership?

Applications for membership which are received after September 20th are considered late and they will be subject to the following:

1. Written notification will be sent by letter or email, notifying the member that the membership was received after the September 20th date. A late fee of $50 will be levied and the membership will be considered incomplete until the late fee is received.  (This late fee is not applied to New Members)

Q: If I let my membership lapse, what are the requirements to regain membership status?


A: To regain full membership status the candidate will be required to pay the annual membership fee for registrations as well as reinstatement fee of $100.00 for every year lapsed as well as be required to acquire 5 CE credits for every year lapsed.


A registered member in good standing for the 2011-2012 does not renew in the August of 2012 and they have only acquired 4 CE credits for that 2011-2012 year. In August of 2013 they decide to apply for registered membership status they will need:

·         10 CE credit for 2011-2012 year when they were a member. (missed getting 6 credits)

·         5 CE credits for 2012-2013 year when they were not a member of the association.

·         When they apply for membership Sept 2013 they require 11 credits for registered membership status.


They will be expected to pay an additional fee of $100.00 for the year missed plus the cost of registration. 


 Q: What does a student get for their MAHTA membership?



1. Quarterly Newsletters.

2. The right to sit the VTNE exam hosted by MAHTA.

3. If enrolled in the local AHT program the student would be eligible to be on the Board as a student rep.

4. Student rate attendance fees for all MAHTA functions


Q: What are my career opportunities as an Animal Health Technologist?


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Q: What are the Accredited AHT/VT Courses?


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