National Animal Health Technologist Week

Date: October 14, 2007 to October 20, 2007

Promote veterinary technology at work...


Technologists enhance the quality of animal and human life through their dedication to the well being of the animals placed in their care. In Canada and the United States, the third week in October has been proclaimed National Veterinary Technician Week (NVTW) and in some provinces, National Animal Health Technologist Week. NVTW provides AHT/VT’s across Canada and the United States the opportunity to celebrate their professional contributions to the animal health care team.


The Canadian Association of Animal Health Technologists and Technicians offers us great ideas to help you celebrate NVTW:

  • Plan a special lunch day with your colleagues
    • make certificates for each veterinary technician in the hospital and hang them in the waiting rooms
    • send a card to a technician friend wishing them a happy NVTW
    • organize a lunch/ dinner meal with your colleagues, or local chapter (maybe your boss will pay)
    • frame a nice picture and a note that reads something like this: Please help us celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week by thanking the Veterinary Technicians that helped you today
  • Hang your national events calendar and or a NVTW poster in a visible location so your boss and co-workers are reminded they can celebrate with you
    • your NVTW poster is in the summer issue of TECHNEWS
    • place your calendar poster (National Continuing Education Events Calendar provided by CAAHTT) and or your NVTW poster in a prominent place. If you work in a practice, this could be in the waiting or exam room. In a corporation this could be the lunch room. If no place is appropriate at work, deliver the poster to a local veterinary hospital, high school counseling office, or a boarding kennel
  • Hang your diploma in the front office and wear your name tag
    • be proud of yourself! Share with your clients or your workmates who you are
  • Celebrate your profession with special treats each day such as chocolates, a card, flowers
    • hang post-its marked for each day of NVTW; include thank you to technicians, phones numbers, names of favorite restaurants etc
  • Wear your association T-shirt or sweatshirts to school or work
  • Make a NVTW poster specific to your clinic and host an open house, plan a colouring contest
    • Make a one page coloring picture. Use your logo, or outlined pictures of dogs, cats, horses, cows, etc. Include your association name on the top and the following information;

      Age group: 5 yrs & under, 6-8yrs, 9 yrs and up. (Circle one)
      Name:                                                  Veterinary Clinic:
      Address:                                               Phone number:

      Describe the contest: A total of __ prizes will be give out, two in each age group. Color the picture and bring back to your veterinary clinic by a set date.

      Below the picture use one full line - Celebrating National Veterinary Technicians Week (and the date)

    • plans to make a NVTW poster specific for your clinic are available here (PDF)
  • Plan a pooch parade (PDF) for your clients or hang a photo display
    • label the pictures with I love my Veterinary Technician or have bandanas for the dogs
  • Schedule a talk (PDF) at a local school or 4-H group
    • high schools and junior high schools provide receptive audiences for your message about veterinary technology. Contact the school principal, guidance counselor, or teacher you know to serve as your liason with the school. It is important to remember that this audience will require a basic introduction to the role and functions of a veterinary technician. Your association can probably provide you with a power point show, handouts or perhaps a table top display to assist your presentation. Effective communication requires the speaker to anticipate the audience’s level of knowledge and adjust content accordingly. Additionally, you should be able to direct the students to information on the location of the CAAHTT/ACTTSA recognized college in their area. A listing of these programs is found on the website as well as links to other associations that have information and audio about the profession. If you have a pet that is very calm and personable and the school permits, you can bring it along, too. This serves as a great ice breaker. Be cautious though, with younger ages, the animal tends to take their attention from you.
    • numerous opportunities exist to talk to prospective veterinary technology students and the public throughout the year. Scouts, 4-H groups, Guides, etc. often look for speakers in early spring or summer. Make yourself available by staying in contact with the leaders of these groups.
  • Set up displays at the mall, school, library, humane society
  • Contact radio, newspapers, television (local media) and arrange for an interview
    • see here (PDF) for instructions on how to do PSA’s
  • Attend a CE seminar, or organize a local chapter meeting with the technicians in your area
    • check your association’s web site for plans
  • Order promotional balloons, pins, magnets, coloring books, pens, pencils, etc.
    • check with your association or visit, Promo Items & Links
    • has Animal Health Week promotional material that may be useful; News & Events, Events, Animal Health Week, Promo & Marketing
  • Tell your friends and family about your profession
    • reinforce the fact you are proud of your profession and what you do
  • Call a classmate and reminisce