Dog Bite Prevention ! Doggone Safe Program


MAHTA Board is persuing this wonderful program in an effort to raise awareness of the potential dangers of unfamiliar dogs. An Animal Health Technologist can come to your location and present this educational material to your group.



TheBe a Tree™ Program is a fun and interactive presentation for children that teaches them how to read dog body language and be safe around dogs. The program is supported by a Teacher Kit produced by Doggone Crazy! that contains photos and games to teach kids how to "Be a Tree" and act safely around dogs. The Be a Tree program is available across North America and around the world. Approximately 500,000 children have benefited from the lessons learned in this program. Presenters include veterinary technicians.


The presentation:

  • is FULL of interactive tools to make it fun and informative!
  • is a "TURN KEY" style package that includes a script, visual aids, games and hand-out materials
  • is perfect for children in kindergarten to grade 4
  • takes about 45 minutes to present


To find out more information on this wonderful program click here.