Updated December 2008



The Canadian Animal Blood Bank is the largest animal blood bank in Canada. Every day animals rely on transfusion therapy in order to recover from illness or injury.

For more information on:

  • How you can help
  • Blood products available and their use
  • Donor/Veterinary FAQs
  • Success stories

Contact the Canadian Animal Blood Bank or call (204) 632-2586


Did you know that potential canine donors are:

  • Healthy and even-tempered
  • A minimum of 50 lbs. and not overweight
  • Between the ages of 1 and 8 years to start donating – can donate to 10 years of age
  • Up to date on vaccinations
  • Females that have had litters or are intact may be considered as donors, contact CABB for more information

If you know a dog that meets these requirements ask thir owner to consider their pet becoming a donor!