MAHTA's 27th Annual Conference & Trade Show

Was a Huge Success!


"Siiit" ... "Staaaaay" ... for the Fall Fair Banquet!

MAHTA members, their families and the industries that support MAHTA came out for a night of great food and fun. The evening was an event of games, tastes and smells of a typical fall fair. Trying your luck at the ring toss, balloon darts or other exciting games earned you free tickets to the selection of prizes waiting to be won. Cotton candy, popcorn and other tasty goodies were the favorites of the youngest attendees! Admission to the conference included the full 2 day dual track conference, Saturday banquet  and a few complimentary bar beverages.

Missed the fun?.... See you next year!

THANK YOU to our Industry Supporters.... 

Please be sure to call on the companies who continue to support MAHTA !!



















CENTAUR VA                



 ACKNOWLEDGEMETS ALSO TO:   MVMA - Concord - Hills - Pet Secure - Technavet - CABB - TPI

MAHTA would also like to thank the efforts of those volunteers who are helping to make another outstanding year possible!